Eight Priority Goals  

Our strategic plan includes 8 goals. Based on the State of the Watershed Report, surveys, interviews, online questionnaires, and watershed risk assessments were undertaken in an extensive stakeholder consultation process. Read more here: The Planning Process


Everything the OWC does is guided by these eight priority goals: 

Goal 1: Improve the understanding and strengthen the commitment of residents to the health of the Oldman watershed.
Goal 2: Optimize the availability of water for the natural ecosystem while supporting the social and economic needs of the community.
Goal 3: Manage and protect the integrity of headwaters and source waters.
Goal 4: Identify and prioritize thresholds to manage threats and impacts on terrestrial and aquatic habitat.
Goal 5: Understand groundwater and how it interacts with surface water.
Goal 6: Identify water quality outcomes and assess factors impacting them for adaptive watershed management.
Goal 7: Prevent and control invasive species.
Goal 8: Understand the status and implications of emerging contaminants.

Our IWMP is done. We have our 8 Goals - and now we are implementing them through our Research & Projects. Watershed work is also people work, and engaging our stakeholders is an iterative process as the watershed - and its people, politics and processes - change and adapt. Our research and projects are based on processes of adaptive management, with continual improvement over time to achieve desired outcomes for watershed health. 




Citizens, communities, industry and government must share responsibility for water management… and work together to improve conditions within their local watershed.
— Water for Life: Alberta’s strategy for sustainability, 2003.