The 2010 Oldman River State of the Watershed Report (SOW) rates the current health of the Oldman watershed by compiling scientific information. It is an overall report card for environmental quality and looks at three critical parts of the natural world: terrestrial and riparian habitat, water quantity and water quality.

The State of the Watershed Team completed the State of the Watershed (SOW) Report and released it to the public on April 22, 2010 at the Annual General Meeting of the OWC.

The report is intended to ensure collaborative and educated decision-making and to identify where future research is required. It showcases the challenges we face, and how the decisions that we make today will have an impact on our landscape tomorrow.

The SOW Report is an important component of a larger effort, the Integrated Watershed Management Plan. It provides the scientific foundation and reveals problems that need to be addressed in the plan.

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How healthy is the land and water where you live?

That depends on which sub-basin you live in. See map below to figure it out.

Project Partners

A big thank you to all our project partners! We truly appreciate you donating your time and expertise; we could not have done it without you!

Andrew Hurly, University of Lethbridge
Brent Paterson, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Brian Hills, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Doug Kaupp, City of Lethbridge
Farrah McFadden, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Jocelyne Leger, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
Kent Bullock, Taber Irrigation District
Shane Petry, Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Wendell Koning, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development


Thank you to the Government of Alberta for supporting this report.